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Skabelund Exteriors Answers Your Most Frequent Questions

As a seasoned home exterior contractor in Nibley, UT, and many other communities, Skabelund Exteriors has dealt with a wide array of siding issues. Our company takes pride in our outstanding customer service, quality workmanship, and using the best possible products and materials from the industry’s most trusted brands. Many of our customers have questions about our services, particularly whenever their residential siding needs professional attention. We are vinyl siding experts who can inform you of the many products available to protect your home and enhance its appearance. Our decades in business have let us gain ample expertise in vinyl siding restoration services and products while we complete exterior home improvement projects in Northern Utah. In response to the wide array of questions we receive, we have answered several of our customers’ most frequently asked questions to educate you. If you need us to explain any of our answers or have other questions, contact us today to speak with a team member and get a free estimate on the services you need.

How Do I Get a Utah Contractor for my Home Exterior?

You can always reach out to Skabelund Exteriors to handle your home exterior improvement project. We serve many Northern Utah communities, such as Nibley and Logan. When you contact us, we can schedule an inspection to assess your siding’s condition and what services you need. Our team can also give you a free estimate on those services, including installations, repairs, and replacements.

Where Do I Find Experts in Siding Installation and Repair?

Whenever you have an issue with your existing siding or need to upgrade it, you should entrust your project to a contractor with ample experience and specialized expertise in siding. Skabelund Exteriors is a residential siding contractor with several decades in business. We expanded our services and expertise to include vinyl siding services, and we use high-end vinyl siding products manufactured by the industry’s most trusted brands.

What Does Getting a Utah Contractor License Require?

Before you can get a Utah Contractor’s License, you need to fulfill several requirements to ensure you offer professional-grade services. To start, a person must take the Utah Business and Law Examination. There are also experience requirements, including at least two years of full-time related experience with one year in a managerial or supervisory position in the last 10 years. To be a contractor, you must secure liability insurance coverage, workers’ compensation insurance, and owner-worker classification.

Is My New Siding Energy-Efficient?

Vinyl siding can include insulation, making it highly energy-efficient to protect your family against extreme temperatures outside. Insulated siding has rigid foam insulation manufacturers laminate or permanently attach to the vinyl siding panel. While insulated siding reduces your home’s energy consumption, it has other benefits. For instance, this siding option is breathable, preventing mold, mildew, and rot by letting water vapor escape. This quality can help you maintain better air quality inside your home.

Why Should I Consider Vinyl Siding for My Home?

Skabelund Exteriors can give you many reasons to choose vinyl siding for your home. The benefits make this siding option an attractive investment. You can get high-end insulation and durable weatherization from vinyl siding to protect your family against hot and cold weather and elements like rain, wind, and hail. It offers better energy efficiency than other siding options, and it requires little maintenance—typically an annual washing to keep its bright finish. Vinyl siding is easy to install and comes in a broad range of colors and styles, so you can find an option matching your desired appearance. This siding is also one of the most affordable options available on the market without sacrificing any of the listed qualities.

Why Is Siding Important?

Your home relies on siding as its first line of defense against outside elements. Living in Utah means you must deal with cold, icy winter and hot, dry summers. Siding’s insulative properties ensure your home stays comfortable no matter what the temperature might be outside. This exterior product also protects your home against moisture buildup that can lead to mold and mildew, improving your indoor air quality. You can enhance your home’s appearance with siding and match it to your style with a wide array of colors and styles to consider.

How Will I Know I Need Siding Repair?

Typically, you can tell if your home needs siding repair by looking at it. If you notice issues like siding warping, bending, or pulling away from your home, you may need to replace it. If you see black or green spots on your siding, you might have underlying moisture problems, and we will need to resolve these issues. Periodically check your siding for soft spots because these spots can indicate rotting. If you have a rotting issue, it can lead to interior damage. Skabelund Exteriors will gladly address these signs and issues as soon as possible to keep your home safe and comfortable.

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?

Manufacturers build vinyl siding to last a long time. Many warranties last up to 40 years, and other warranties include a lifetime guarantee. Ultimately, a warranty period will depend on who installs it and what type of siding you use.

How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

Vinyl siding is one of the market’s most affordable siding options, and homeowners recoup 80% of the installation cost on average. Your siding investment increases your home’s value as well.

What Types of Vinyl Siding Are There?

Variety is one of the benefits of vinyl siding. You can choose from shingle siding, shake siding, vertical siding, and horizontal siding. These options come in a wide array of colors and styles, and many of them mimic other architectural materials.

Professional Siding Installation & Repair Services

For over 30 years, Martin Skabelund Roofing has been improving residential rooftops in Logan, UT, and throughout the surrounding communities across Northern Utah. Over the years, our clients have frequently requested additional work such as gutters, downspouts, soffit, fascia, siding repairs, and new siding installations. Go through some Frequently Asked Questions that will help you with Siding Repair & installation.